The Venice of Mexico!

We started with a guided tour of Tourist Attractions and we went to Xochimilco first of all. It get referred to as the Venice of Mexico, you sail down the water by hand as there is no motorist boats allowed along the glorious stretch of water. This is to preserve the nature that lives in the water as well protect the mysterious animal that lives in it. It gets called the water monster that live below the waters of the river and there is many different myths and legends about it where and how it came about.

As well as the myths and legends of the water way, there is so much you can see and do. It gets treated as a floating market for people to explore. There is the Mariachi bands that play up down the waterways all day. There is also people who spend all day on the boats cooking fresh corn and food and selling it to passing tourists. I found that there was all sorts of traders selling there good along the water and jumping in and out of peoples boats.

When you get off the boat you are able to explore the flower markets that surround the waterway. The flower markets are busy from the time they open till they close and there is fresh flowers every day. In the markets there is also traditional dancing and food available for you to indulge in as well as the traditional tourist gifts and souvenirs.

If you were visit Mexico this somewhere I would 100% recommend going and visiting. I would also suggest taking a guide also as they are able to tell you all about the facts and history of the water way.

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