Waterfall Jumping in Mexico!

This is certainly not something I’d forget in a hurray! We started by getting 4X4’s down to the start point. The start point is where the toilets were as well and if you still had to get changed. They were one of the worst I have seen! As remember you have to bin the toilet roll and with these you had pour water down after you’d been.

Once we had gotten organised we started to walk down to the first jump as they’re were six in total. I watched everyone go before me and I was getting more nervous but thought I can’t chicken out now, it’s too late. The main thing worrying me was the fact I wear glasses and that I wouldn’t be able to see anything, also the fact I could loss them!

The first one was about a 6ft Jump and I managed it as terrifying as it was and I still had my glasses. We had to walk between each of them on paths which were on the built up rock as well as pushing through tree which blocked part of the path. We did the second one which was about 6ft as well, The third one was about 10 ft and into a whirlpool at the bottom where I was told I had to hold on to my glasses very tightly as they could escape my pocket. I jumped and came up unable to see anything or anyone and getting pushed about in the current, lucky someone very kindly grabbed me and pulled me into the side. After three was itching for more but then on the way to the fourth I slip and fell right on my bum, damaging my knee in the process!

I got taken as far as I could go while the others went on and completed the three other jumps. They didn’t think I would be able to walk back up so they called for a horse, which was the most terrifying horse ride I have ever had. The horse was climbing up extremely steep hills and kept stopping and losing his footing on the rocks and I has convinced I has going to fall off! Lucky I made it and lived to tell the tale!

The thrill from jumping and the adrenaline is something that is making me want to do it again and complete it this time. That is why I love these activities and advise anyone who likes an adventure to give it a go!

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