I have been lucky enough to have been to Switzerland twice so far in my life. The first time happened to be my first time aboard as well as the longest I’d been away from my parents. I was away with the Guides and a whale of a time away with my friends.

The second time I got the chance to take my own Guides to Adelboden to stay at Our Chalet where I had camped 8 years previously. It is a truly remarkable country and there is some fantastic Alps and Mountains to climb.

Walking and Climbing

We managed to walk up such one where we all managed to get to the top and put our feet in the glacier lake at the top as well as having one of the best secrets of these places, CHIPS! They have the one most amazing chips at the top of these alps, it was the one thing I remembered most about my first time there. They do also have some lovely beer which is can be much needed after climbing.

We walked everywhere on these holidays and they certainly built up your leg muscles. One of the best walks is to the Wood Carvers in the Mountains which is a lovely walk. Once you reach the Wood Carvers you are able to see how they make some of the items that you can get engraved with names or whatever you’d like.

Rock Climbing I must say was fantastic apart from the fact, I don’t enjoy the abseiling down after you’ve climbed as high as you can. Some of the people we saw are able to do much better than ourselves as they just speed across the rock.

Funicular Railway

As well as all this walking we also got the chance to visit to the funicular railway, which is the steepest in Europe. There is two trains which you have to take and it’s a fantastic learning experience and a great way to see all the surrounding alps around. Yet again they had the same Chips and facitlites at the top.

The views from the top are absolutely fantastic and breath taking. We were even able to see where we are staying, in tents as a tiny dot in the distance. You even got some lovely sunshine in the clouds.


As you can imagine there is chocolate in Switzerland and it is some of the best I have ever tried or likely to try. The chocolatier we went to see had some impressive moves and recipes, it all tasted so good!

I love Switzerland and hope to go back soon!

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