Mexico City

I had the joy of going to Mexico last summer with the Girl Guides, there is a bit of a running theme to my stories!

We went at the beginning of July starting in Mexico City to get used the climate as it certainly different to cold Scotland. On arrival you notice the heat and the line at immigration was certainly an experience with having to queue for over an hour in the heat and no water or food. Once we were cleared we were meet by hostel staff who took us to our accommodation where we were staying for a couple of nights.

Once we arrived we got freshened up and the people who we shared with very kindly made up our beds for us while we ran to get an evening meal inside of us. We ended up at restaurant at the end of our street and it was our first proper experience of Mexican Culture.

In the restaurant we got tortilla chips and all the dips, refried bean and salsa as well as cheese sauce. The food has cheap and cheerful but couldn’t complain. It was at this point I learnt about how there sewage system worked. They don’t flush toilet paper they put in a waste bin at the side, it was something that certainly took a bit of getting used too.

After our first night in Mexico we headed out on a Tour to explore the city. We started at Xochimilco (which you can read about in previous blog post) and headed for Mexico University as it has amazing architecture on the buildings which tells stories of some of there history. They are depicted in stone which has all done by hand.

The following day I took the girls to see the Statue of Independence which is was only two minutes away and we had great fun trying to cross the road as there isn’t a set place to cross, you have to time the traffic lights at the roundabout so that you can cross when nothing is coming. We had great fun doing that and we also noticed that there was a building that had a wall which was a running water fall, which of course we had to try and get into. We crossed the road and headed for the building and got in one of the elevators which took you up to a gym to have a noisy and see what it felt like to be in a waterfall. We all loved it! It was an experience I think none of us will forget.

After Mexico City we were heading for the Cuernavaca for a chance to have some adventures which I won’t forget in a hurry.

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