German Exchange Trip

When I was 14 I took part in an Exchange Programme through the school in which I had a friend from Germany come and stay with me. I would go and staying with them the following year.

My exchange partner was called Nicole and she was extremely lovely as was her family. They welcomed me into there home and made me one of the family.

Day to Day

Most days when I was there were mostly the same routine of getting up, have breakfast, make pack lunch and head for school. While Nicole was in classes we would get the opportunity to go and visit local attractions and place of interest. This would be when the group would share stories about our different families and what we had learnt the night before.

One thing I remember was going on a double decker train for the first time. This was an amazing thing as it was something I had never seen before or even expected to see. We got the chance to sit upstairs and all I remember is staring out the window as I was fascinated by it all.


When the weekend came round, I was took to pack a bag as we were going to stay at there holiday flat. So I did so and we set off in the family car which was an experience. It was my first proper taste of the world famous Auto Bahn and it was fantastic. The speed we were going compared to here was amazing.

One of the things I remember most  about that weekend is the fact we had cake for breakfast. It was called Black Tea Cake which was delicious. The food in general while I was there was amazing, so much of it fresh and full of taste.

Day Trips

While we were away we visited The Salt Mine Berchtesgaden, where we were shown how they used to mine for the salt. We got the chance to go down the wooden slides like they used too. We also got the chance to wear the boiler suits as if we were going down the mines ourselves. It was extremely interesting and I have to thank the Tour Guide who after telling everyone in German would then explain in English after.

I also got the chance to visit the Oktoberfest that weekend. As soon as you entered the festival you were hit with a sensory overload, there was so much going on. They had roller-coasters, which of course you had to try. One I remember was in the dark and had all these strobe light effects and when you saw the daylight you got soaked in water. While here I discovered a new love which at Christmas time every year I stock up on. They had these German gingerbread love hearts covered in icing which I adored, I would quite happily sit and eat one after another.

I loved this experience and I’m grateful to still be in touch with Nicole and her family as I’m itching to get back when I am able.

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