First Time Abroad

Interesting fact, I have never been on holiday with my family or ever been away aboard.

However when I got the chance to go aboard I jumped at it and remember it very clearly. I was heading for my first trip to Switzerland and I was only about 14, it was an experience I wouldn’t forget as everything was so new to me.

We headed to the airport by bus and it must have been about 3:30am and we were all high as kites. For a lot of us it was our first time aboard without parents or first time away for this long. As arrived at Edinburgh Airport and I remember how amazed I was at this building which lay in front of me. When we arrived at the check in desks, I was advised that I had to make sure all the straps in my rucksacks were tucked in so they didn’t get caught in the belts which moved the luggage about.

When it was my turn to go up to the check in desk I must have looked like a first timer as I as so unsure of what to do with my passport and luggage. The girl behind the counter was extremely helpful in keeping me right on what to do and pointed me in the right direction.


We headed to security which was something totally new as well, having to take my shoes and belt of to go through the metal detector, luckily I wasn’t stopped and got through no bother. After I had gotten my walking boots back on and headed to meet the others I discovered SO MANY shops which I didn’t expect to see. Who knew there would be so many things you could buy at an Airport!

After a nosey around the shops it was time to board the plane. This was an adventure in itself as you had to show your passport and boarding pass to get on the plane, then you gotten shown to your seat. I was sat with a friend who kindly talk me through what was going to happen through out the flight and she made me aware of the ear popping which I didn’t expect.

It was a smooth enough flight and I enjoyed the new experience of travelling by plane. When we landed we were directed to baggage reclaim which was another new experience for me so many people at different areas collecting bags, it was enough to get lost if we weren’t such a big group.

After Arriving 

We headed to our coach which was taking us to Adelboden where we were staying to start with before heading back to Geneva to explore the city. Travelling on the wrong side of the road was a first and took a wee bit of getting used too but I was glued to the window as I was so excited to see another country and wanted to take it all in.

We were camping which was eventually in itself due to it collapsing one night which woke us up with a fright! It was one of the most amazing views I have ever woken up to, with the mountains and village below.

While we were in Switzerland we walked just about everywhere. I remember one eventful walk where we advised it was most likely going to get wet so to make sure we bring our waterproofs.

We set off as we were heading for one of the nearby mountains were we would have the chance to have a dip in the natural water pool at the top. As we all started walking the rain started but as we were advised we all had our waterproofs on to keep going. However the weather had better ideas and started thunder and lighting followed by some extremely heavy hailstones. It was decided we would turn back and try again later on.

I loved my time in Switzerland and it holds a very special place in my heart and I have been lucky enough have been again since and look forward to going back when I am able. It was certainly the best place to visit first as it gave me the travel bug!

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