Bungee Jump at Highland Fling

A year ago I did a Bungee Jump to raise funds for a Girl Guiding Trip I was going on to Mexico, I must have been mad.

The day started off with me feeling like a nervous wreck. My mum and sister came with me for moral support and to make sure I actually jumped. The jump was off Killiecrankie Bridge just outside Pitlochry. The company Highland Bungee run various outdoor sports and activities in Scotland and they’ve been jumping off the bridge for many years.

We were half an hour early so we had to sit and wait while I started to get jumpy. When the time came it started with a safety talk, fitting for a harness and what to expect. There was 5 men and me doing the jump, so I felt like I had a point to prove #girlscan! We drove out to the jump with all the jumpers together and spectators following close behind.

Before we could do anything about jumping we had two ladders to climb to get to the jumping platform. We then walk under the bridge and were separated into two groups, unfortunately I was in one of the first groups. They started by tying your ankles together and making sure your secure and asking if you got any final questions. I watched the first person jump and started thinking “I’m done, I can’t do this” but as the second person jumped I thought I want to prove myself wrong. It was my turn next and they start by asking you questions and make sure you’re ready. They shuffle you across to the jumping platform, the girl then took my glasses. She counted to three and then you jump! My heart was in my month and I screamed as long as I could when I jumped!

I didn’t know what to think or what to do with my hands! I grabbed the bungee cord and tried to hang on for dear life. Once I had done it and was left hanging they pull you back up by winch I gave myself a big well done. I’m so glad I did it and at that point I said “that’s it I’m not doing that again!!”

I was wrong only a few months ago did I do it again for another charity. This time just as terrifying if not more as I knew what was coming!

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