Adventures in the South of France


We flew from Edinburgh early and landed in time for lunch by the beach. The hotel was only 10 minutes away from the majority of the sites and we had a ball.

One our first two days we got the chance to explore and get to know Nice and all the historical sites that are in the city. The Castle of Nice which sits at the top of Nice and gives you the most amazing views of the city below. There is a lift that is built into the rock side which allows you to get to the top without having to climb.

There is also the various squares in the city which all have special meaning and have water fountains or statues in them. You also get some fantastic food in Nice which allows you to also soak in the evening sun while having a glorious cocktail.

Monaco and Cannes

We also the got the chance to go and visit these amazing places and experience what they had to offer in day trips.

While we were in France the Cannes Film Festival was in full swing and there was every possibility we could run into someone famous. We unfortunately didn’t have such luck! We stood for a couple of hours in the pouring rain and to try and get a look and nothing!

The next day we got the chance to explore Monaco the city of the Rich and Famous. Again we were lucky enough to be in town when the F1 Race was due to take place a week later so we got the chance to see all the stuff that they organise for the race and how the local prepare by leaving the town.

Monaco is spilt into New and Old Towns. The new town has all the rich and famous and the big fancy houses and flats. The old town is where you can get the chance to explore the historic sites and be a proper tourist. We got the chance to see down all the side streets and try some of the food that is cheap as anything in the old town compared to the new.

I loved exploring the South of France as it gave a wonderful live long friend called the Travel Bug!

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